DODEA cancels Far East Tournament leads to Guam Basketball Confederation to organize a regional high school basketball tournament in Guam.

Guam Basketball Confederation Developing Plans for International High School Tournament.

After receiving the disappointing news that DODEA has decided to exclude all Guam schools from the annual Far East Tournament going forward, the Guam Basketball Confederation urgently met to develop plans for a regional high school basketball tournament to be held in Guam. “Guam is an excellent location for a regional tournament. We have first-rate basketball facilities and a thriving tourism industry ready to provide flights, rooms, transportation and attractions to experience,” stated Guam Basketball President, Tony Thompson.

Guam has been represented throughout the years by schools including Father Duenas Memorial School, Oceanview / Southern High School, Simon Sanchez High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Guam Community College, GW High School, Okkodo High School, and others.

In 2002, DODEA hosted the Far East Basketball Tournament on Guam where teams competed at The University of Guam Field House. Guam Basketball intends on working with the university, as well as other potential host facilities to accommodate the competition, and perhaps to provide housing options for inbound teams. This regional tournament should attract high school level teams from all corners of the Pacific, potentially attracting teams from Palau, CNMI, Hawaii and Australia.

The Guam Basketball Confederation also has the support of FIBA-Oceania Secretary General, David Crocker, who recommends that Guam establish a regional youth tournament such as this every year. FIBA is the governing body of international basketball in the world, and their affiliation with this tournament would be another benefit for participating teams.

Discussion will continue in order to plan this competition for both Boy’s & Girl’s Divisions, and Guam Basketball is hoping to make an exciting announcement regarding this tournament in Guam by the end of September in order to give teams ample time to enter and fundraise their trip to Guam.

For more information, please contact Guam Basketball President, Tony Thompson, by email:

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